The Pong Clock Is Finally Shipping!

The makers of the Pong Clock emailed a notice to pre-order customers that their long awaited clocks are finally shipping. There's only 400 made (so far), so it's pretty exclusive (so far). And like so many cool gadgets, these clocks are made in Taiwan. It costs €228.28 ($285.85).


Check out the full email after the jump.

Product Page [burovormkrijgers]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hurray, the loooong wait [for you and us] is finally over!

The 'special' screens have, at last, arrived from Taiwan, and all the 400 Pong Clocks are currently assembled.

Before we can ship your Pong Clock, we kindly request you to pay the full amount due, mentioned on the attached invoice*.

Follow the instructions mentioned on the attached invoice, and when the amount due is received on our pay pal- or bank account, within the next two weeks, we will then proceed to put your items in the shipping queue.


Since we are no multinational corporation we cannot ship all items in 1 week, besides our work on all other [clients] projects. Therefore we will ship all items in the shipping queue within a period of 3-5 weeks from today. Be aware that the attached file is the original invoice, and if you need a printed copy for your personal administration, you can simply print out the attached file. You will receive 1 confirmation e-mail to confirm your payment has been received, and 1 e-mail to confirm your shipment has been send.


All it's Pong Clock customers, for their support in the "Pong Clock vs Atari" issues, and their patience!


In the end we feel our struggle was worth it, and we are confident you feel the same, when you'll be holding one of the 400 unique Pong Clocks in the world!

Check our website now, and in the future, for other innovative designs produced in exclusive and limited editions.


Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,

Sander Mulder & Dave Keune


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