The PS3 Slim Might Be a Bit Slow

A slew of videos out this weekend have revealed the unthinkable: PlayStation 3 slim owners could be wasting valuable seconds of their lives as their new console boots up slower than the original PS3!


Now, these videos are in no way conclusive evidence that the PS3 slim is a slow poke compared to its fatter older sibling. In fact, while some show the PS3 "phat" speeding past its svelte counterpart, others show the slim edging the big black obelisk out for the win. In either case, we're talking a matter of seconds.

So, no big deal, right? I mean, what meaningful thing could you possibly do in seven seconds that's being robbed from you thanks to a pokier PS3 slim? No, really. I want to know. [SanKaku Complex via Kotaku]



My PS3 died last night I get a red blinking light when turns on and then turns off.. Sending it to Sony out of warranty with a $149 check to get it fixed... should I had gone with the new ps3 slim?