The Real Reason Warner Went Blu-ray

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PIttsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Don Lindich reports a dirty bit about Warner's defection to Blu-ray that we had uncovered in our own reporting of the format war at CES, and which we had confirmed through a different source (except for the payouts), though were holding close to our chest while we worked some other angles. Warner actually wanted to go HD DVD. They gave Toshiba the chance to bring another studio into the HD DVD camp before they turned Blu. Fox was lined up, and told the HD DVD camp it was going to switch to HD DVD, which would've also turned Warner exclusively HD DVD. At the last possible minute, it nixed the deal.

Lindich says it's because Fox received a reported $120 million payout from Sony to stay Blu-ray—Warner then switched and received between $400 and $500 million for its defection. BW says it's closer to $400 million. In our phone call with Warner Kevin Tsujihara said it wasn't a bidding war that brought them over—that's true, in the words of Ben Kenobi, from a certain point of view. [Post-Gazette]

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Sony can not lose another format war (ie. Beta vs. VHS)...

Look at how many PS3's moved on Black Monday and Boxing Day/Week...

This was Sony acting like Sony can in 2008, flexing the PS3 muscle and pushing Blu-Ray through for a cohesive home entertainment efforts...

The PS3 acted as foot soldiers implanted into our homes and the "generals" called in the airstrike with the multi-year, multi-billion dollars payouts...

This is the NEW them kill Blu-Ray next yr once HD-DVD kicks the bucket...Al Gore comes in and declare discs are "dangerously plastic" for the environment and thus to all children around the world...all format wars die, and go digital and heard it here first.