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The River Song Scene That Was "Too Naughty" for Doctor Who

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember this shot of a naked River Song from the Doctor Who season six trailers? We never actually saw it in the show, and it turns out the scene was too naughty to air, according to producer Steven Moffat.

Moffat tweeted the other day, in response to fans' questions, that the scene was "Deleted, yes. Too naughty, don't know what I was thinking." And apparently, this scene won't even appear on the DVDs, because there are no deleted scenes listed in the box set.

Apparently this scene comes from "The Impossible Astronaut," and is part of a sequence where River shows off her wardrobe. Doctor Who TV has gleaned more details, from Doctor Who Magazine's "The Eleventh Doctor Volume 3":

The readthrough script for [The Impossible Astronaut] had I minimal changes before issue as shooting script. The main alteration was the ultimately deleted scene at Stormcage where the governor remonstrated with River Song over her previous 15 escapes under his predecessor, "Oh, it was never fifteen – unless you're counting holidays and hair appointments…" said River as she opened a cupboard on the cell wall and pulled out an impossibly long clothes rail of dresses commenting, "Don't mind my wardrobe. Teensy bit bigger on the inside!"

There were more changes later made to [Day of the Moon]; the opening sequence with Rory and Canton was set in Chicago's waterfront docklands and the final scene with the little girl was set in New York. The Doctor and his friends had been gathering information over two rather than three months between instalments. Still to be added were the Doctor's comparisons of the Silents to the Roman Empire, the Doctor describing the sensation of the Silents being around, and much of a sub-plot about the Doctor's beard.


The other scene shown in the trailers but not in the final show involved Nazis searching for the Doctor — which probably came from that opening sequence where the Doctor is digging a tunnel in a Nazi prison camp. [Doctor Who TV via Blastr]