The Rock Stars Align for Vampire Comedy "Suck"

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Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and Moby come out to play in the first trailer for vampire comedy Suck, about a struggling rock band that finds vampirism might be their ticket to the top of the charts.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Suck follows The Winners, a roadtripping rock band that just can't seem to catch that big break. But when their female bassist joins the ranks of the bloodsucking undead, she becomes and instant crowd favorite, prompting the rest of the band to follow her lead. Soon they're playing to packed houses, but their new hook has attracted more than just fans. They're haunted by Alice Cooper in the form of a creepy bartender, and stalked by vampire hunter Eddie van Helsing (an eyepatch-wearing Malcolm McDowell).


Some of the scenes in the (very, very bloody) trailer below have slightly off production values, but the movie might well prove an absurd and off-beat guilty pleasure:

[via Twitch]