The Ruins of an Abandoned Zoo Transformed into a Trippy Graffiti Gallery

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While the ruins of Los Angeles' Griffith Park zoo have been left to molder as an oddball tourist attraction, the abandoned remains of Torino, Italy's old zoo have gotten a second life as a Street Art Museum. Now the lion cages and primate houses are covered in bizarre, sometimes nightmarish works of public art. Warning: Fleeting NSFW imagery and lots and lots of fisheye lens.

The Street Art Museum is part of the Border Land project, which utilizes Parco Michelotti, the former site of the zoo, as a cultural venue. SAM was conceived as an urban regeneration initiative, utilizing and raising awareness about the neglected space. The organizers acknowledge that it's a small revitalization of the ruined zoo, but they hope it will promote an interest in both the space and street art. And now, during Border Land events, you can dance the night away while wolf-headed monsters stare out at you from behind their barred cages.

You can see photos of the individual paints at the Street Art Museum website.

[Discovered via reddit]