The Sad, Strange World of Tactical iPad 2 Pants

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Have you ever possessed the urge to walk around with an iPad tucked into your (enormous) pants pocket? No? Neither have I—but people hoping for a tablet nuzzled against their asses are out there. With really ugly pants.


The Tactical Pants Blog catalogs these bizarre garments (what exactly about these is "tactical"?), with their latest quest being the question of which gigantic pocket is perfect for the iPad 2. And there's bad news: "After hours of maneuvering, we conclusively determined that very few tactical pants fit the iPad 2."

Unfortunately, the best iPad 2 pants caddy is Blackhawk's Warrior Wear Pants, which is now discontinued—a pity, considering the trousers were deemed "remarkable," and that "tester was able to comfortably glide across the office with the iPad 2 comfortably at his side." Trouble sitting, however, was reported. No shit.

The Kitanica pants were the second best, though "It did not feel 100 percent secure. Not to mention the snap on the side pocket could prove problematic, as it might scrape up that shiny new gadget." This might just be me, but I'd be more worried about being assaulted while walking down the street with an iPad 2 sticking out of my comically-sized pocket than snap-scrapes.

Ultimately, the site laments "You should keep your iPad in a case and use tactical pants for iPad 2 storage in emergency situations only." But! But I....! Sigh. The dream is dead. [Tactical Pants via CrunchGear]


Just get a man-purse and be done with it. The ones with sports team logos on them will keep your buds from hassling you about it (to your face anyway).