The Samsung Gear S Gets a Smartwatch Keyboard You Might Actually Use

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Fleksy has created a keyboard to work with the upcoming Samsung Gear S. Will it make typing on a tiny smartwatch screen anything other than completely awkward? It's too soon to say.

The Gear S is set to be the first smartwatch with a data connection, and Samsung intends users to send messages from the smartwatch like they do on smartphones. Having Fleksy develop a keyboard for the Gear S was smart—Fleksy makes good mobile keyboards. Still, Fleksy's keyboard may not be enough to make typing on a smartwatch non-terrible.

Gear S, with its petite 2-inch AMOLED screen, doesn't look like the easiest thing to type on for people with adult human fingers. I'd probably have an easier time typing on a girthy banana with a Fleksy keyboard projected on the side. The Gear S looks decent as far as smartwatches go, but it doesn't look leaps and bounds better for typing stuff on, curved screen or no curved screen.


Fleksy is known its fast typing experience, and the design isn't as cumbersome and crowded as trying to cram a keyboard on a smartwatch could have been... but I'm still not sold that people are going to daintily tap their wrists instead of just using their phone.

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I agree that it doesn't look easy to type on. I have one of those old Casio calculator watches that I use all the time, but I find it difficult and it only has four buttons across.