The skeleton of a rare Malaysian dragon - discovered at last!

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Could it be that we finally have proof that dragons once roamed through Asia?

Nope. But we do have proof that a talented sculptor, working with chicken bones and his imagination, was able to create a gorgeous dragon skeleton that looks as if it was snatched from a nineteenth century circus sideshow.

Over at Mad Art Lab, Ryan writes about his creation:

A while back I realized that the same dinosaur display that I had seen when I was a child, one that told me about the huge, cold-blooded, reptilian dinosaurs was still standing, but now it told a story of colorful ancestors of birds. Nothing had changed except some text. Upon closer inspection it even had caveats that declared that it was only current consensus. I have to assume that the old text said the same, but those statements were washed away by the Museum Effect. I may have just made up that term.


The Museum Effect is how the dim lighting, glass cases, Latin subscript, dry copy, hushed tones and felt ropes all combine to give an aura of truth and infallibility. The display style for artifacts of historical worth has become so universally accepted that one can co-opt those same rules to create a compelling lie.

So I thought I'd try. I started by eating a lot of chicken. I also ate some turkey. I then gathered their bones and cleaned them carefully before bleaching them in peroxide.


Read all about his art project on Mad Art Lab, and find out what each step involved.