The sneaky clever way Jurassic Park filmed that scary water ripple scene

The glass of water rippling because of T-Rex in Jurassic Park is a classic scene in movie history. The visualization is so simple that you’d think it was easy to achieve. It actually wasn’t! CineFix explains how in a movie filled with special effects and dinosaur animatronics, making the water ripple was also a cinematic achievement.

Spielberg was first inspired to create that scene when listening to Earth, Wind and Fire in his car and seeing his rearview mirror shake from the bass. That’s easy enough. But! Making concentric water ripples is not exactly the same as shaking a mirror. Turns out, they ended up figuring out how to do it by playing a specific guitar note that made the water move. Which means a guy was on the floor of the SUV strumming the guitar during that terrifying T-Rex scene. Movies!


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