The Solution To the Apple Watch Tattoo Problem Was So Obvious

There was some bad news last week for tattooed Apple fans hoping to take advantage of everything the company’s new smartwatch had to offer. It turns out that ink on your arm hinders the Apple Watch’s ability to monitor your heart rate. But as Conan discovered, Apple already has a simple solution for sale.

At just $500 the Apple Watch Hand is so obvious and simple you have to wonder why Apple didn’t introduce it alongside its smartwatch months ago. But rumors have it that faulty fingernails have been holding up production of the hand, and Apple is doing everything in its power to have it ready for when the actual Apple Watch eventually gets delivered to those who pre-ordered one. [YouTube via CNET]

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Jean Lafitte The Second

Question for Apple fans: If the tattoo on your wrist is that of an Apple logo, would you remove it in order to wear an iWatch?