It's the traditional, old school and almost forgotten methods of craftsmanship that always impress me the most. This video shows how traditional wooden skis are made in Norway and you get to see the entire process, the carving, shaving, shaping, bending and even the making of bindings from wood.

S Ensby filmed at Nørrestogo Skigard in Valdres, Norway to showcase the skill of traditional skimaking. It's just made from birch and axes and knives and rough horsetails and planes. She writes:

In traditional cultures, the skill of making skis are essential to survive. In our day, it´s a way of connecting to our cultural history, and keeping this ancient knowledge from disappearing. Each pair of skis are made to have the properties you want, like extra wide for downhill skiing in loose snow, or lighter and narrower, for cross country terrain use.


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