You'll Look Forward to Cutting the Lawn When You Turn Your Riding Mower Into a Tank

Gif: YouTube (Other)

A house with a sprawling lawn might be the aspiration of anyone stuck in a tiny apartment, but there’s a downside to that dream: your lawn doesn’t cut itself. To make the weekly chore more bearable, Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking turned his riding mower into a miniature tank that mows down everything in its path—not just grass.


Hibbs’ tank wouldn’t survive a minute on the battlefield, after all his expertise is with lumber, not armor plating. But even with reduced visibility given the driver hides inside while peering out a small window (the turret has an opening lid if you’re willing to stand while driving) a riding mower suddenly becomes something you’ll want to drive, even if it’s just in criss-cross patterns across your lawn.

The tank isn’t to scale, so Hibbs can probably expect a critique or two from anyone who’s watched a History Channel World War II documentary, but in addition to authentic looking treads that actually roll, he’s gone the extra mile to incorporate a working potato cannon into the barrel. It doesn’t help much with the mowing, but it’s a good way to keep the neighbors off your lawn after you’re done meticulously manicuring your green space.

Thanks, Tom!


I live in the deep south. It’s July. August will be soon. It’s already peaking at 100F + and today is 60% humidity on top of it. This is a not a mower. This is a torture box.