The Stained Earth, Courtesy of BP

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The beautiful and crystalline Blue Marble is now the Stained Blue Marble, created using NASA's most spectacular view of Earth and one of the scenarios for the spreading of BP's oil, as simulated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.


While the NCAR says that their computer simulation shows one of the potential scenarios for the oilpocalypse spread—applying sea currents and typical weather on a neutral dye, not on actual oil—I couldn't resist overlaying it over the complete image of the Earth. Seeing what could be the extension of this catastrophe in relation to our entire home planet—only 132 days after the start of the deadly flood—gives the whole disaster a complete new dimension.

And while nobody should expect to see an sticky sea of black goo reaching Coney Island, Martha's Vineyard, or Iceland any time soon, the fact is that the oil will eventually reach those places. It may be in imperceptible deadly bubbles to be eaten by Atlantic fish, in long viscous floating fingers, or thick blankets of oil. Whatever it is, it will get there. But then again, we humans keeps spilling crap all across the planet, right? So, who cares?


Perhaps they should make a blockbuster summer movie so people could get the idea:

Illustration for article titled The Stained Earth, Courtesy of BP

One in which the transexual fish, the forgetful blue tang, and the dummy pelican die in slimy 3D.

Click to viewWas that too depressing for a Monday? Don't worry. The NCAR is using their powerful supercomputers to provide a more accurate model in the coming days. Then you will be able to worry for real. In the meantime, don't forget to use the Stained Blue Marble for your iPhone's background.


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I find it amazing that every time something like this happens no one examines it and realizes that it was our own tree hugging environmentalist crap that set the stage for things like this.

If we were really smart we would tell the idiots that think they know how the world works that we will just drill for oil in places like the Anwar Alaska and places like that where the oil is easy to get to and would have very little chance of causing problems like this.

Instead we have to drill a mile underwater, where any mistake means you can't even get close to it.

Way to go Environmentalists.... Of course i am sure they will just say something retarded like "well we shouldn't be using oil" or "only use 1 square or toilet paper" or some other genius idea.