The Stars of Eureka Talk Nerdy To io9

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Is Eureka's Deputy Lupo even human? We talked to Erica Cerra at Comic Con, and she hinted Lupo may be a robot, like Sheriff Andy. We also asked Neil Grayston (Fargo) about being naked and covered with green goop.

We talked to Cerra about "Your Face Or Mine," where she got to portray two different characters — Lupo, and Julia, the scientist who turned herself into a duplicate of Lupo. Cerra took on a huge challenge in this episode, tricking the viewers into thinking that there really were two Jo Lupos — as if she'd been duplicated in a transporter accident like Captain Kirk. But even though Jo had a challenging time being in charge, she'll still be brash and confident as ever. "She'll just be a little more cautious."

And Cerra says she'd welcome the challenge of having to play mad scientist, even if it meant she'd have to tackle the tongue-twisting technobabble that people spout on the show. (And now that she's said she dreads using technobabble, she's sure the producers will write her a script where she spouts nothing but.) And she says there have been lots of jokes behind the scenes about whether Jo is really a human being or a robot, since she's so strong. "That would be really fun," she says. So fingers crossed we get to see Mecha Jo at some point!

We also spoke to genre veteran Joe Morton, who plays Henry Deacon. He says being the mayor won't really change anything for Henry. "Henry will always be Henry," and really the mayorship hasn't come into play too much, except for allowing him to reinstate Jack as Sheriff... But the good news is, Henry has a love affair coming up — which may or may not be with a human. And Morton gets to sing a song.


And finally, we talked to Neil Grayston about Fargo breaking out of the "annoying" nerd stereotype and becoming more of a relatable character. The show is about a town full of super geniuses, so Fargo will always be nerdy, and he'll never be swaggering around picking up women with his giant biceps. But he's excited to be exploring Fargo's character a bit more. He also talks about the dangerous stunts he does on the show:

And he talks about the "awful" filming of last weeks' episode, "It's Not Easy Being Green," where he had to be colored green from head to foot. He was in a freezing trailer, half naked, where he got covered with green goop from head to foot. "You have to keep it wet, so I had to be wet in the cold — naked — and I couldn't sit on anything or do anything, or it would get onto it." So basically they had to keep putting more green goop onto his half-naked body. Which has got to be somebody's fetish...


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