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The Story of CES, Told Honestly

Illustration for article titled The Story of CES, Told Honestly

This 5-minute clip of Current's Ben Hoffman at CES accurately sums up our day-to-day experience walking the floor, if we could only devote less time to writing and more time channeling our inner asshole.


Really though, somehow Hoffman manages to capture the tone of the event, the absurdity of so many of these products and the people selling them. If only the clip included 200 pans of identical digital cameras, flat screen TVs and journalists proudly toting official CES 2009 backpacks, you'd be missing nothing other than the smell and complimentary after hours booze.


[via bbGadgets]

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vendor "Three curly hairs"

reporter "Three curly hairs?"

vendor "Three credit cards"

reporter "That's different".

ROFL!!!!! I would be pegged to the streamer if this was what was coming out of CES. What a shame we can't get this guy live.