The Tiny Figure On This Watch Gets Tired When It Needs a Winding

When you're wearing an old-school watch that requires winding every few days, the last thing you want is to look down to discover it stopped ticking hours ago. That's why mechanical watches usually include a power reserve indicator, but none are as unique as the tiny creature on MB&F's new Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang.

Designed by Chinese artist Xia Hang, the watch features one of his 'comma men' creatures that he's been working with for a few years now. It actually looks more like a tiny E.T.-like alien, but we're happy to play along.


MB&F refers to the little guy as Mr. Up and Mr. Down because as the watch's power reserve gets lower and lower, the figure slowly slumps forward as if he's too exhausted to prop himself up. And then when you wind it back up, he perks back up again letting you know you're good for a few days.

As far as expensive luxury watches go this isn't the most obscene timepiece you can buy, but at $107,000 (limited to just 24 pieces in two different finishes) it isn't cheap either. But for your money you do get a pretty unique design with two separate dials for the minutes and hours, overshadowed by a hypnotic oscillating balance wheel that's put front and center on the watch's face. Not to mention, as long as you're wearing it you'll always have a tiny bit of company. [MB&F via A Blog To Watch]

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