Within minutes of the FCC's proposed rules to codify net neutrality, we got an email blast from the National Cable and Telecommunications Association‚ÄĒbasically the RIAA of the cable world. It's easy to guess how they feel about this, but it's not actually that easy to see it in the text:

We fully appreciate that Chairman Genachowski and all Commissioners have approached a difficult set of issues in a constructive way. The Commission has provided a fair and transparent process to comment on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) adopted today, and we will participate fully in helping the Commission develop a record on these issues. To be clear, we regard this as a debate about means, not ends; we support a free and open Internet. However, we continue to believe the broadband marketplace is an unparalleled American success story and already offers consumers an open Internet experience. So, we welcome the opportunity to make our case that investment, innovation and consumer welfare are all enhanced by continued government restraint. Given the tremendously high stakes, we hope the Commission will approach these issues with a healthy skepticism of hypothetical harms, and with a full understanding of the very real consequences that regulatory action may have on investment, job creation, and the continued expansion and improvement of next generation networks.


We appreciate it! It's fair, and transparent! We supports a free and open internet! But hey, by the way, we hope the commission guts this proposal until it bleeds out, because it's dumb. Get that?