The Trova Is a Bluetooth-Powered Lockbox That Actually Looks Good

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Folks with kids or other snoops in the house will appreciate the Trova Home. This $550 box can be opened with your phone via Bluetooth, wifi, or NFC and is designed to look like an art piece. Which is a nice change of pace from the ones that look like they should be left in your closet or hidden under the bed out of sight.


Scott and Jonell Loeppert created the Trova after spending years as sales reps for outdoor and sports brands. They self-funded their first product, the Trova Go, a smaller version of the box which was aimed at travelers.

“The traditional lockbox space is utilitarian and meant to be left in a closet,” said Scott. “We are meant to be part of your everyday life and as such have designed a product that integrates seamlessly and beautifully into your home with an app that you will never lose.”

It’s not water or fireproof and the team says it’s mostly for prescription and recreational drugs, intimate items, and valuables you don’t want to leave just lying around the house like watches, jewelry, or phones. The Trova Go product is similar but smaller and costs $200.

Trova’s origin story is actually quite cool. Jonell Loeppert had insomnia and used THC and CBD to help treat it. With two kids in the house, she didn’t want her products to end up in the wrong hands.

“We have two young boys—at the time they were 6 and 7 and they were in everything—privacy did not exist nothing was off-limits,” said Scott. As responsible parents worried about the wrong things accidentally ending up in their hands she began to look for a secure way to keep those items. There wasn’t a solution on the market that matched our expectation for high-quality modern design and smart feature integration.”

The new Home product will ship this year and includes two internal USB ports for charging devices and a humidity sensor that ensures things shouldn’t get too dry in the box. It also has a “Tap to Open” function that uses NFC to allow instant access.


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