The Two-Headed Sith Series Spyder III Laser: Death by Fun

In honor of May the Fourth (be with you), the real-life lightsaber has gone over to the dark side. The special "Sith Series" edition of the Spyder III, available now as an actual thing you can buy and use and burn things with, combines two Spyder III portable lasers locked together at the boring end by a Spyder interconnector. Holy hell that thing looks crazy.


To be honest, the Spyder III—touted as the most powerful in the world—proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Especially for those who ordered one and, uh, never got it. And this design, while off the charts in the all-important "ridiculously cool and potentially blinding weapon/toy" metric, renders your laser pretty much useless unless you're into singeing yourself, or have a lot of peripheral targets.

Still, though. Just look at that thing. I don't remember the last time my day was brightened so much by the dark side. [Wicked Lasers]

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