There's nothing worse than getting set for a fun-filled day of Trike Drifting with your bros only to realize, "Wait a second, I'm an adult. There's not trike on Earth that will fit my man-sized frame." You're right! Well, only sorta right. There is a trike out there for you fatty! It's just that they don't have enough cash to build them—yet.

The Urbantrike is a three model line of tricycles designed specifically for adults. They feature a 20-inch, 38 spoke freewheeling front wheel (as opposed to the fixies you rode as a kid), a steel tube frame design strong enough to support 500 pounds, a padded 18-inch vinyl seat, and can even disassemble to fit in a more mature form of transportation—your car's trunk. Plus you can customize a number of aspects of the design from the handlebar height to the color of the frame.

You've got three styles to choose from (in ascending size order): the Bailey, the Atticus, and the Adairicus. The Bailey's got a 7-inch ground clearance and supports up to 250 pounds. It is available for a $395 Kickstarter donation. The Atticus is slightly larger with a bigger front tire, chromed alloy rear wheels and a sturdier frame that supports up to 500 pounds. It goes for $595. Then there's largest of the three, the $995 Adairicus, which is easy to spot on account of the double rear wheels and "automotive-grade rear hubs." And for five grand, they'll help you design your very own line of Urbantrikes.

The Kickstarter campaign got underway yesterday and is looking to raise $38,000 over the next few weeks.