Trike Drifting Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen on Three Wheels

If you asked the 6-year-old me to think of the single awesomest activity possible, I would have have answered, trike drifting (I was huge into Big Wheels). And, after watching this video, my 30-year-old self is still inclined to agree.


From the crew that brought us the most epic of rope swings, this montage of full grown men riding customized tricycles—well, not so much riding as being towed behind a van—shows off the vehicles' penchants for going sideways. Watch as the riders turn a simple downhill into a real-life MarioKart battle. The footage was caputured by Devin Graham using a Glidecam HD 2000. [YouTube]

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No pedals?! As I remember it, trying to reestablish your feet on pedals on a swiftly downhill moving "Bigwheel" (trike) was the most perilous part. And our plastic rear wheels were flimsier and more slippery. And our front wheel was plastic too. And we were younger and more stupid.

No impressed.