The US Army Is Blocking Staff Access to the Guardian Website

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After getting upset about the fact that Guardian has been breaking news and leaking classified documents about the many and varied spying programs of the NSA, the US Army has decided to block access to the news site among its employees.


An Army spokesperson told the Monterey Herald "some access to press coverage and online content about the NSA leaks" was being filtered as part of routine "network hygiene". He continued, pointing out that there are "strict policies and directives in place regarding protecting and handling classified information", suggesting the block was in place to limit unauthorized disclosures of classified material.

If the block sounds familiar, that's because it is: in 2010, the Army blocked the New York Times and Guardian during the US diplomatic cables leak by Assange et al. The reasoning? Well, at the time the White House insisted that "classified information, whether or not already posted on public websites or disclosed to the media, remains classified, and must be treated as such by federal employees and contractors."

That seems slightly farcical when you consider that the classified documents released by the Guardian are now freely available online. But rules are rules, and it seems the Army is doing the only thing it can to stop its staff coming across the documents. There are no plans to block website from the general public. [Monterey Herald via Verge]



What a cesspool of whiny, entitled, ignorant tin-foil wearing commenters. National security relies on protecting classified information, whether we as individuals agree with it or not. Safeguarding the methods, sources, tactics, techniques, and procedures that are used in defending American citizens is not optional when you're granted a security clearance.

This isn't some fairy-tale Lifetime movie where you get to f*cking pluck daisy petals while alternating "To Leak" or "Not to Leak" with every red folder that crosses your desk. It's not OK to violate laws. It's not OK to leak terabytes of sensitive data to WikiLeaks because you volunteered to be a soldier, have gender identity issues, and suddenly decide that wars are f*cking hard and unpleasant.

You swear an oath. You sign contracts. There are ways to escalate valid concerns either up the chain of command, or out to an inspector general or security-cleared Oversight committee member. You don't leak it to a foreign country's press.

The fact that some of you bananaheads are actually applauding this as some type of heroic whistleblower activity just serves to illustrate how collossally ignorant you are of the ramifications incurred when an event like this happens.

Thousands of us worked or currently work in the national security arena, and exercise discipline, discretion, maturity, and morality in the daily execution of duty. Duty to our fellow American citizens. Duty to the Constitution that you all love to give internet blowjobs to, but have likely done nothing of substance to nurture or defend.

And now, when the U.S. Government blocks one f*cking news website from government-owned computers, you all rail out? WTF is your problem, taxpayers? Why do you want your damned taxpayer dollars paying for government employees surfing the web while on the job anyway!?? If it were the asshats at city hall you'd get your little activist panties in a bunch over fraud, waste, and abuse. But no, let's let government employees surf the news site that information's been leaking to. Brilliant plan. Waste money and risk further security leaks. Just awesome.

But don't worry, you can all share group hugs and have little fund-raiser rallies and make pretty f*cking ribbons the next time we have to watch our wives, husbands, children, and family members leap from a burning skyscraper, send dying text messages, or get blown to red mist at a sporting event.

Proxy f*cking bypasses? Are you serious? We're actually talking about how government employees can circumvent a website block? How about wait until your assigned shift ends, go home, reach into your pocket, and pull out your f*cking iPhone?

Oh wait, that would make it too f*cking hard to Copy/Paste the classified information that your heroes are stealing from the evil empire and sharing with the oppressed public, amirite?