The Venture Bros. Movie Gets an Exciting Update

The extremely dysfunctional adventuring family will return for one last go...eventually.

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The cast of the Venture Bros, on a rooftop in New York and watching the city from below.
Image: Adult Swim

When adult swim canceled The Venture Bros. after a solid seven-season run over a year ago, the reaction was pretty strong. Earlier this year, the network announced a TV movie for Blu-Ray and HBO Max, and now there’s been a sizable update for the upcoming movie that’s exciting despite how little it ultimately says.

Yesterday, co-creator Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch, who primarily voices Hank Venture and the Monarch) tweeted the first page of a Venture Bros. script. Dubbed a “long form special” and crediting fellow co-creator Doc Hammer, Publick said: “Things are happening.”


It’s not much to go on, sure, but the fandom is certainly excited to get some kind of Venture update. The series has a history of sizably long breaks between seasons and not always having anything to show until things are completely or almost done. The largest gap so far has been between seasons four and five (2010-2013) and five and six (2013-2016). But there some animated specials that came in between those gaps, so it wasn’t too terrible.


Either way, the animated special is expected to wrap up everything in a somewhat nice bow for the characters. Last time we saw them, Hank left his family grow up (while still wearing that Batman mask, obvs) and Dean began to search for him. Meanwhile, their dad Rusty learned that he and his sort of nemesis the Monarch were brothers as well. The new movie will pick up as both sets of Venture brothers try to find answers while a mysterious woman is set to show up and throw everyone’s already turbulent lives even more out of whack.

In the past, the closest the show has come to a film was the excellent 2015 special “All This and Gargantua-2,” which gave the series a soft reboot and set up the family’s eventual relocation to New York for season six. Hopefully with a feature film, the show will get to have as much bloody and anarchic fun as that special did when it arrives in like, three or four years.


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