The Venture Bros. Has Been Unceremoniously Canceled

The monarch learning that you can't just crotch-kick your way out of every problem.
The monarch learning that you can’t just crotch-kick your way out of every problem.
Image: Cartoon Network/Adult Swim

Even though we’re living through a time in which the production of television most live-action shows is being brought to a halt due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a number of animated programs have been able to survive thanks to the way in which the work can be distributed and spread across distance, keeping people safe. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to save The Venture Bros.


Last night, The Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick announced on his Twitter page that after seven seasons, Adult Swim is finally bringing the series to an end —after it was previously announced that it was meant to come back for an eighth season.

The cancellation comes at a time when The Venture Bros. story wasn’t at all really at a point where things could be considered as being tidied up and finished. That is, in part, something you could attribute to the fact that the series had been intermittently running on Adult Swim for 17 years at this point—with the gaps between seasons being rather substantial even by Cartoon Network’s standards.

It’s unclear just just far in advance Cartoon Network/Adult Swim made the decision to cancel The Venture Bros., and at present the series doesn’t really have all that much of a future on screen—but Adult Swim did tweet last night in the wake of the news to reveal that it’s working with the team to continue Venture Bros., albeit in “another way” rather than on TV.

In these extraordinary times where series are routinely brought back from the hereafter, one can never really be fully certain about a series’ fate in the long term.


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Charles Pulliam-Moore is an NYC-based culture critic whose work centers on fandom, pop culture, politics, race, and sexuality. He still thinks Cyclops made a few valid points.


Dr. Theopolis

As I said elsewhere last night, while I love the show, it’s hard to be truly sad about this.

Venture Bros. managed to get eight seasons strung out over 17 years. Unequivocally, that’s a massive achievement for a show that was willfully odd and niche and offered an unending series of references and in-jokes for the limited group people who consumed a very certain subset of 60s/70s/80s Saturday cartoons, Silver/Bronze-Age comic books, and music from the same eras.

That Jackson Publick and company got away with it—and that Adult Swim offered even a wavering level of support for so long—should impress us all. I mean, this is a show that had Klaus Nomi as a superpowered henchman for God’s sake! The Monarch had a whole thing about having sex with Lydia Lunch! Hell, Johnny Quest, its initial inspiration, only managed to get one season. I’m just thankful the team was able to do its thing for so long.