The Walking Dead Is Great, But Fido Is Greater

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So, Season 5 of The Walking Dead is premiering at this very moment. Hello, internet? Are you there? Well, for the three of you not watching AMC's zombie extravaganza, let me share with you another masterpiece of undead fiction.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love The Walking Dead, but I'm one those people who's chosen the noble (or so I tell myself) path to cut the cable cord, so I'm only just a little jealous right now. Luckily, I have several ways to fulfill my zombie-deficient Sundays, and I can think of none better than watching Fido.

Taking place on some alternate 1950s Earth where a radioactive mist now turns all the dead into zombies without fail, one company known as Zomcom has learned how to domesticate zombies with an electronic collar. Essentially serving as a pet to the wholesome Robinson family, one zombie is quickly loved by the young son, Timmy, and is named Fido. However, after a collar malfunction (isn't that always the case), things get a little messed up.


This zombie comedy never takes it self seriously, and in all honesty is much, much better than it should be. First impressions might make you dismiss this as some trashy b-movie, and it totally is, but in only the best ways possible. In some ways, it kind of feels like a pseudo-sequel to Shaun of the Dead or something, but in the end, it stands on its own. [Amazon Prime]

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I found this film on Netflix a couple of years ago and just loved it. IMO it should be more well-known than it is, and I can't help but wonder if that red poster has something to do with less people not being intrigued when they see it in their Netflix suggestions or whatever. The theatrical release poster does a better job of capturing the tone of the film, but that red poster looks more like something you'd see for a punk rock documentary.