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The Wall and Other Great Pink Floyd Albums Removed From Digital Stores

Illustration for article titled iThe Wall/i and Other Great Pink Floyd Albums Removed From Digital Stores

Selling individual tracks online is not the only thing Pink Floyd has been raging against recently. The band has removed several albums from iTunes, Amazon et al due to EMI's contract expiring at the end of June.


The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here and The Final Cut have all disappeared due to record label issues. Now that Pink Floyd's contract with EMI has ended, the band is on the lookout for a new label to license its complete catalog—ensuring, of course, that albums aren't chopped up with songs sold individually.


While The Wall has sold extremely well since EMI took it on back in 2000 (sales amount to 1.5m in the US alone), only 107,000 of those have been digital sales.

Some of Pink Floyd's earlier albums, like The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Dark Side of the Moon are still available to download, as EMI still has the license for those.

Pink Floyd, like The Beatles and Radiohead, remain one of those bands concerned with the digital release of its art (in varying ways, of course). It's entirely understandable, but removing some of Pink Floyd's greatest albums from online will only be further incentive for people to acquire them by unscrupulous means. [Reuters via TechRadar]

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