The Weird Weird World of Gizmodo Mornings

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Listen up, you Decepticons! Megatron here with the 1200h round-up. But first, Megatron is happy today! Megatron saw Gizmodo Editor and Dictator for Life Brian Lam bend and squeeze and poke fun at puny Optimus Prime on video! Roll out that, Prime! Hahaha! Ha.


Urm... OK. Wait, what's this? Looks like those pathetic earthlings may be trying to fight us with cheap flying androids and autonomous army fighting bots. They think they can destroy us with that? Impossible! We are rust-proof!


And besides, everybody knows that power flows to the one who knows how. Except to Ken Kutaragi. I liked his blue lasers, but the old man has just lost it. And only if you have organic plastic surfaces or flat invisible cables to connect to cool flat TVs with sexy ninja cyborgs! Hmmm, sexy. Decepticons, transform and spread! Or something like that.

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I thought what Megatron said to Starscream was... "Power flows to the one that knows how to use it!"

It was a long time ago though...