An art installation that plans to be the world's largest picnic blanket is currently checkerboarding its way through the green rolling hills of Switzerland. This summer, about 1,500 picnickers have ventured to the site, which is adorably named BIGNIK. And it's only going to get bigger.

The blanket is the vision of brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, who started collecting reclaimed red-and-white textiles like blankets, curtains, and towels in 2012. The fabrics are sewn into 15-by-15-foot modules which are attached to the larger blanket using velcro. Each summer, the blanket is unpacked from storage and assembled with the help of volunteers.

This summer's blanket was already pretty big—a little over 3.5 acres—but the designers say this is only four percent of their goal. By the summer of 2040, the blanket will be complete, covering a space that's the size of 100 football fields, or 132 acres. For comparison, the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which is too large to fit on the Washington Mall, is about 26 acres. They're gonna need one heck of a potato salad to feed all those picnickers come 2040. [BIGNIK via designboom]

Aerial photos by Helikopter-Service Triet AG