The World's First Tablet Projector Promises a 100-Inch Display

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A built-in projector isn't quite at the top of anyone's wish list for tablet improvements. But that didn't stop Promate from putting one into its new LumiTab and declaring it the world's first tablet projector. The average consumer might not be interested yet, but corporate honchos who live and die by PowerPoint presentations are surely smiling from ear-to-ear now.


Running Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and powered by a Texas Instruments 1.5GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, the LumiTab runs on a gig of RAM and comes with 16 gigs of storage inside plus a microSD slot to expand that. Its own seven-inch 1024x600 display is augmented with a 35 lumen 854x480 projector that promises images up to 100-inches diagonally, assuming you're in a very dark room.

It doesn't look like pricing details have been nailed down yet, but you can expect to pay a bit of a premium to be the first on your block with a projector-enhanced tablet. [Promate]


OK. So we know that the "100-foot" is a typo. Let's look at their claim of actually having an *image* at the supposed 100-inch diagonal with their 35-lumen claim. Screen luminance is measured in foot-lamberts. SMPTE (the standards organization that decides these things) says that 16 foot-lamberts in a very dark theater is about minimum. Using the 35-lumen and 100-inch specifications, I calculate an infinitesimal 1.2 foot-lambert. This means that you won't see shite in an underground cave with this "projector". If you could, after your eyes adjusted to the pure darkness, the 854x480 image enlarged to that size would look like an 8-bit video game from last century.