I love Lego ships, and this gigantic 1,500-piece official version of the Maersk Triple E is a real beauty. The Lego designers at Billund, Denmark, have done a phenomenal job at capturing its giant scale.

The Triple E-class vessel is the largest cargo ship in the planet. Four of these fuel-efficient behemoths are already roaming the seas, with 16 more coming from Daewoo's shipyards in South Korea.

It's a really beautiful set for $150, which is not a lot considering its rare elements—which come in medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green colored elements—not available in any other sets. This makes it a very valuable item for collectors and builders alike.

Also, it's nothing compared to the price of a real one: $190 million.

It features "rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, viewing window into the engine compartment, adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, removable containers, rotating crane arms and a special ‘good luck’ coin."

The model—which measures 25 inches long, by 3 inches wide by 8 inches high—is designed so it smoothly slides on carpets, but it will sink fast in the bath.

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