The World's Most Ginormous HDTV Is Only 720p

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The world's largest HDTV is 200 feet wide and 80 feet tall. The 16,000-square-foot screen is made up of 158 panels, weighing 165,000 pounds. It's lit up by 9 million LED lamps. But it's only 720p.

Located at North Carolina's Charlotte Motor Speedway, this most gargantuan of boob tubes dwarfs the Dallas Cowboys' former giantest HDTV by around 40 feet. (Consider: A standard tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. This TV fits 5.5 tennis courts, side-by-side.) On the other hand, the Cowboys' TV is still 1080p. (Quick! Someone calculate the Lechner distance for a 720p TV this big vs. a 1080p set.)


It took 57 Panasonic workers 11,000 man-hours over the course of four months to build the set, which you can see for reals May 21, during NASCAR's Sprint All-Star Race. That is, if you're one of those who can stand watching NASCAR for more than ten seconds. Fortunately, that giant remote is completely fuunctional, so you could always change the channel. [Charlotte Motor Speedway via MSNBC, Image: Jeff Siner / AP]

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The whole "only" 720p thing really grates on me. It looks just as good as 1080p unless you're a huge videophile about that sort of thing. Being honest, I'm not. We snagged a 50" Samsung 3D Plasma set about a month ago, and it's only 720p, and everything looks simply amazing.