The World's Most Obscene iPhone Dock Is Bigger Than a Pony

With 28 speakers blasting around 125 watts, the original Wall of Sound made for an obnoxious home stereo system—let alone an iPod dock. But its creators have returned with a bigger and better solution: the Wall of Sound 2.0 that adds an extra 16 speakers, bringing the total to 44 (in addition to a pair of subs) for more decibels and bass than an iPhone dock ever needs.


Controlled via an app over a wireless Bluetooth connection, at full power the Wall of Sound blasts an impressive 8,000 watts of sound. And not only would that do a number on your electricity bill, it can actually do serious damage to your ears. So to prevent that from happening, on top of the WOS 2.0 there's a small monkey head with glowing eyes. No, seriously. When they glow blue, you're listening to your music at acceptable levels, when they glow red, hearing loss is imminent and after five minutes the speaker automatically shuts itself down just to be safe.

Of course, an obscenely over-sized iPhone dock comes with an equally obscene price tag. When available starting in February of next year, the Wall of Sound 2.0 will start at $6,900, not including the iPhone or the hearing aid you'll need in about ten years. [The Wall of Sound via Newlaunches]

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