The World's Tallest Chair Swing Is Actually Quite Tall

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Stockholm's 130-year-old amusement park, Gröna Lund, just opened the tallest chair swing in the world, and it's 397 feet tall. For context the tallest steel roller coaster in the U.S., Kingda Ka, is 456 feet at its tallest point. So yeah, for a humble chair swing this thing is pretty lofty.

The "Eclipse" spins riders around at 44 MPH and seats 24 people at a time, two to a swing, while the seats hang from 8 foot chains. Sweden's only astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, was the first to ride the the swing last week because why not? Also, the amusement park made a series of oddly sinister teaser videos leading up to the launch. Always good to vaguely associate your chair swing ride with evil. [Daily Mail]

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The moment one comes to the states, I'm riding!

And if there is one, someone tell me where?