The World's Tiniest VGA Display Uses Pixels the Size of Cells

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This 0.27-inch LCD display has a 600x480 what good does that do you? Potentially quite a bit.

It's proof that microdisplays are getting sharper, as Kopin Corporation, the company behind this prototype, had to shrink the individual color dots to just 2.9 x 8.7 µm apiece to reach this standard. (Keep in mind that a human hair is 100 µm wide, meaning these dots are much smaller—more on par with red blood cells, actually.)

While we're fairly certain that the image you see here is but a simulation, Kopin promises that the development is a necessary step in creating a "2048 x 2048-resolution display in a size smaller than a typical postage stamp." Yes, even postage stamps will soon dwarf the 1080p (1920x1080) resolution of your fancy television. [BW via Engadget]