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The X-Men try to save Don Draper in this funny ad

Illustration for article titled The X-Men try to save Don Draper in this funny ad

It's probably my own anticipation for the upcoming X-Men movie and my enjoyment of Mad Men coloring the lens a little bit but this ad that combines the two worlds and characters together is actually pretty funny. Completely ridiculous but in an enjoyable way.


It doesn't hurt that the actor playing Don Draper nails it too (though he doesn't look nearly as good in a suit as Jon Hamm but who does?). The ad was done for Quizno's which makes it even more bizarre but it tells the story of the X-Men going back into time to try and save Don Draper's life. There's a lot to fix.

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Veras Gunn

Not the funniest video, but the guy playing Don Draper, although he doesn't quite look the part, did a pretty good impersonation.