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More than a dozen children were just murdered in Connecticut. It's time to take steps toward preventing this sort of tragedy. The Second Amendment was written when all Americans could remember being occupied by a foreign power. That was 220 years ago; the British are not coming. Red Dawn is not real. Give up your guns, and make it at least a little harder for a maniac to go on a killing spree.


Too many people are dying. Connecticut. Colorado. 34th Street. What's next? How many people have to literally bleed to death in our streets before we realize that easy access to a tool any unskilled person can use to snatch a life out of existence is too much responsibility for humans?

Would you sell a death ray at Walmart, requiring only a driver's license and a cursory background check that only checks to see if someone's gotten caught doing something terrible? No, that'd be crazy. Would you give a 16 year-old a time machine if he promised not to go back in time and change anything? Of course not. Fortunately, we don't have to deal with these decisions (yet?), because those technologies are science fiction. Unfortunately, guns are real. And for some reason, we're not willing to admit that, even though they've been around a while, they are too advanced for humans to use safely.


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