Stephen Braker has done another cool build for the Guilds of Historica Challenge over on Eurobricks. I really enjoy these vignettes where you have to keep size confined to a certain space. This time 16x16 studs was the limit. There is a bit of a overhang with this tower, but I think that will be overlooked because that thatched roof is awesome.


Four dwarves had come to the top of the tower. All four stood in a circle around the trapdoor, not speaking a word. Then, one in a green hat unrolled a scroll and began to read.

"Due to the threat of an alliance between Drow and Elves, all dwarves from the Madren militia will commence attacking the Drow to prevent this alliance. In order to maintain secrecy, we will tunnel into Avalonia underground. We shall take the Drow by surprise and wipe them from Avalonia, thus preventing an attack on our homeland of Mitgardia."

The three others cheered and began murmuring amongst each other. Though I was close, I could hear very little of what was said. With this news, I was anxious to report back so that something might be done to prevent this rash act of the dwarves. As soon as the dwarves left, I hurried down from the tower and ran back to Falkidalr.

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