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There's a DIY Gastric Bypass Surgery Kit For Sale on Amazon

Illustration for article titled Theres a DIY Gastric Bypass Surgery Kit For Sale on Amazon

For those considering gastric bypass surgery, take a look at Amazon's do-it-yourself kit. It's only $260 (cheap!) and comes with 3 sets (so you don't have to get it right the first time!). Bring your own anesthetics and instructions, though.


I really wonder what kind of demand this holds and if the buyers are all psychos. [Amazon via BoingBoing]

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You wouldn't believe HALF the weird shit that comes through the doors of an emergency room every single day.

That's why I don't work in a public hospital anymore. To many crazy, mean, know-it-all jerks come crying to the emergency room when they try some wacka-doo self-surgery procedure. Self-surgery is just ONE of the things in the 'weird shit' category an ER nurse sees on a daily basis.

Yes, sadly...super sadly...people try doing this stuff without trained surgeon(s) and medical team.