There's a Working Metal Detector On This Treasure-Hunting Toy Truck

Your return-on-investment for a given toy is easily calculated: it's basically just how long it can keep a child distracted and quiet before they get tired of it. But with Matchbox's new Treasure Truck, there's actually the potential to turn a profit on the toy because hanging off the front is a real working metal detector that can be used to unearth treasures at the beach or playground.


A light-up indicator on the front of the vehicle glows red or green as you get closer to a metal object located beneath its detector, and that's accompanied by a beeping sound that gets faster the closer you get to your treasure. When you've pinpointed its location and it's time to dig, the back of the Treasure Truck can be removed and used as handheld shovel for sifting through dirt and sand until you've found your retirement nest egg or a discarded beer bottle cap—but hopefully it's the former. [Matchbox]

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