There's an Actual Piece of the Wright Flyer Inside Bremont's New Watch

Starting in 2010, Bremont has been paying homage to significant moments in the history of technology with a unique line of watches that includes the Codebreaker which celebrated the work of the WWII Enigma machine crackers. Now the watchmaker is honoring the Wright Brothers' achievements with a new timepiece that includes an actual piece of the original Wright Flyer.

The Wright Flyer itself currently resides at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C., but only the aircraft's original frame. The fabric covering the wings has long been replaced to prevent it from completely disintegrating.


The original muslin fabric used to keep the Wright Flyer aloft back in 1903 is actually in the care of the Wright family who've provided a section of it to Bremont to include on each of the 300 pieces of the limited edition Wright Flyer watch. In return, proceeds from the watch will be donated to help restore the Wright Brothers' original home in Dayton, Ohio and turn it into a museum.

Besides containing a significant piece of aviation history, the Bremont Wright Flyer also includes the BWC/01, company's first in-house automatic movement with a 50 hour power reserve and bi-directional winding.


Pricing hasn't been specified, but since the Codebreaker started at around $19,000, you can safely assume the Wright Flyer watch isn't going to sell for cheaper than that—especially considering it contains a piece of American history the Smithsonian doesn't even have in its collection. [Bremont via A Blog To Watch]

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