There's Another Mac Trojan Spreading Via Microsoft Office

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More bad news for Apple users: hot on the heels of Flashback, reports are circulating of another Mac-specific trojan—called Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a—that is spreading because of a Microsoft Office vulnerability.


On Securelist, Kaspersky's Costin Raiu explains that the trojan, which is already a month old, uses a Java exploit to get past malware detection products, before connecting to a command and control server hosted on a server in California.


The Trojan apparently spreads through infected Office documents, and it's in "active stage", which means that it searches through documents on infected machines.

While Apple eventually offered up fixes for the Flashback vulnerability, this second Trojan looks set to permanently dispel the myth that Macs are immune to malware. [Securelist via The Register]

Image by Travis Isaacs under Creative Commons license


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GET THE FACTS. It is almost impossible to get infected using a Mac. It is almost impossible not to be infected using Windows. A few very re malware on Mac. Almost 90,000 malware on Windows. GET THE FACTS.