There's Finally a Use For the Caps Lock Key

Billy Mays may be dead but his spirit will live in your PC with the Billy Mays Caps Lock! The Billy Mays Caps Lock will make Billy say something whenever you press caps lock! Yes, that's right! And there's more!


Whenever you run the Billy Mays Caps Lock program, Billy will speak one of his trademark phrases. But that's not all. If you order it right now, we'll double the value! You will get the Billy Mays Caps Lock program and a Billy Mays icon in your system tray. When you are done using the Billy Mays Caps Lock program, just click on the Billy Mays icon and select Exit. And that's not all!

What if you don't want to exit the Billy Mays Caps Lock program but you want to temporarily use the actual caps lock key instead of having Billy Mays tell you how he will make your whites whiter? You got it! For the same price, our Billy Mays Caps Lock program includes a special mode that will activate the caps lock whenever you hit the shift key at the same time!

What is the price for the Billy Mays Caps Lock? That's the best part: It's completely free! Just click on the link and download it!

Seriously, like Rosa told me today: "Oh! There's finally a use for the caps lock key." Someone make a Mac version of this, pronto. [John Haller—Thanks Rosa]


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