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There's Going to Be a Star Trek Theme Park. Really!

Illustration for article titled Theres Going to Be a Star Trek Theme Park. Really!

We've finally done it. After more than 40 years, we finally have the green light on a Star Trek theme park, thanks to King Abdullah of Jordan. And it only cost a measly $1.5 billion to do it. I'm buying my ticket now.


The project is expected to be completed by 2014, and will be the crown jewel of the planned Red Sea Astrarium resort in the coastal city of Aqaba. The whole thing will have 17 entertainment areas and 4 hotels on 184 acres of land, and all powered by renewable energy. Hopefully enough for William Shatner. Amidst all this madness will also be attractions that showcase Jordan's own history. I'm not exactly sure how these two design goals dovetail, but it probably has something to do with the King having been on Star Trek: Voyager back in the day.


I just wanna know what they'll throw into this place. Will the be a Kobayashi Maru ride? Pon Farr Poker perhaps? And imagine if NASA has a piece of the action. As long as Q doesn't make an appearance, I'll be good. [The National via MSNBC, Inhabitat]

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Yeah, but who in the hell wants to go to Jordan? I'm guessing 98% of Americans can't point it out on a map.