There’s no end to the impressive stuff handy YouTubers will make out of wood, metal, and plastic. Peter Brown, however, favors unorthodox building materials.


Crayons, he’s found, are a reasonable substitute for clay. In lieu of plastic, he’s turned hardened milk on a lathe with less successful results. (He tells us he subsequently had set on fire out of frustration.) In his most recent build video, Brown decided to restore a rusty old axe with a few minor adjustments. The axe head gets a fairly traditional cleaning: a vinegar bath and some elbow grease to take the rust off, followed by a resharpening on a bench grinder. Then, instead of wood, he recreates the handle out of epoxy and gummy bears.

Does that make the tool brittle and deeply unsafe to use? Oh, absolutely. No sane person would swing a sharp heavy thing held in place by snacks. But that’s just what the cure the oh-so-serious craftsman video genre needed, and the handle is surprisingly beautiful to boot.

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