These Age Of Ultron Halloween Costumes Are Unintentionally Petrifying

What do you mean, February isn't the time to be thinking about Halloween? It's perfect time! Plus, you're going to need the next 8 months to recover from the screaming/laughing fit you'll get from these official Age of Ultron costumes. Look at that Ultron mask. Look at it.

There's some genuinely weird items in this catalogue of Rubies costumes designed to tie into the movie - probably as to be expected with licensed costumes, but man, things get odd really quickly. There's every Ultron mask depicting the maniacal robot with his mouth agape, as if CONSTANTLY SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS. There's the slightly absurd 'character eyes' glasses to put on, replicating a very thin strip of Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk's faces. There's the actually kind of cool collapsible treat pail based on Cap's shield. But then, there's this, my favourite page in the whole damn thing:


Wow. I'd say I don't know where to start - there's just so much going on - but it's actually easy. OH MY GOD THAT FAKE TONY GOATEE. The look on the guy's face! I genuinely can't tell if it's just hilariously fake looking or if it's actually photoshopped on.

That's a thing you can buy. A replica of Robert Downey Jr,'s facial hair. 2015 people. Humanity has achieved peak greatness. It's all downhill from here.

Check out the full gallery of nightmares and delights below.


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