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These Crayons Can Be Used Like Lego Bricks

Illustration for article titled These Crayons Can Be Used Like Lego Bricks

What is this sorcery? Lego bricks that can draw? It's like, you know, magic. Colorful sweet magic that I want to lick.


Yes, my fellow Lego nerds. These bricks aren't official Lego products, but they work just the same as the real Lego bricks. It's a great idea, even when they will get less useful for building things the more you draw with them. But that's ok for me

In fact, I wish Lego released a line of soft/hard bricks that could be easily shaped to get awesome curves in your constructions. I know this is sacrilege for any purist, but whatever. That can be so handy sometimes. Imagine that: rubbing bricks against any paper to get the perfect piece for a design.


These ones cost $8 per box. [Perpetual Kid via Craziest Gadgets]

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Ummm, I'm not doubting the physics of it, but what kid makes a horsie that they pick up in two pieces?