These Guys Traversed The Patagonia Logo In Real Life

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You know this ridge line. The Cerro Fitz Roy is so distinct that legendary mountaineer Yvon Chouinard made it the logo for his outdoors gear company — Patagonia. And now, for the fist time, two men have traversed it from start to finish.

"Alex and I began our attempt on the traverse on February 12th at 9:45 a.m," writes Tommy Caldwell who, along with Alex Honnold just became the first climbers to complete the route. "We brought almost nothing: A sleeping bag, a down jacket, a small rack of cams and minimal food. Everything fit into two small packs. Battling ice, snow and water on the route, we simulclimbed almost everything. We hoped our rope would last. Daytime brought deep blue skies; at night, sharp brilliant stars seemed within our grasp, and moonlight bathed everything in hues of black, white and grey."


Fittingly, Patagonia sponsored the attempt and plans to release a film about the endeavor this fall.

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Given that Patagonia has been around since the 70's, I am surprised they didn't sponsor something like this sooner (or maybe they did, but didn't succeed).

Still very damn cool.