These complex collars look like like they're made from freaky shark jaws or the skeleton of some crazy underwater menace, but they were actually borne directly from a 3D printer. MadLab designer Madeline Gannon did start with an aquatic inspiration, though—the virtual movement of a digital squid.

Reverberating Across the Divide began with a 3D point cloud of the multi-tentacled creature (technically not a squid, as it's only got five arms…) which was manipulated to "swim" around the neck of a model mannequin.

A pretty graceful visual trail followed its path, resulting in a kind of chronomorphologic effect, or "composite recording of an object's movement"—a modern-day equivalent to Victorian-era chronophotography made famous by Edweard Muybridge.


Once the pattern was established, the whole thing was exported to a 3D printer and voila, next-level jewelry and body adornments.


Gannon's got a bunch of fantastic pics on her site of variations on the theme, and I'm picturing a lavish costume party inside this cathedral, where everyone's sporting these adornments and headdresses like this. [@golan]