These New Spinning GIFs Are as Cool as the Original Ones

Rrrrrrrrroll, the site dedicated to the art of spinning GIF or whatever that is, continues to be one of the best parts of the internet. The author has recently aded a bunch more, so make sure to check them out.


Here are some of my favorites, but you can add your own in the comments (from Rrrrrrroll or anyone else):



For the love of god, did gawker just discover gifs this year? There are a dozen in every post on every sister site, adding absolutely nothing to the articles/experience except some choppy, crude 2-second clip looping where an embedded video, image, or nothing at all would be significantly better, and are always broken in the previews, but I'm beating a dead horse mentioning that bit. It makes the articles annoying to read and scroll through, deadspin is sometimes terrible because of it, and this is on a decently specc'd computer with speedy internet.

Honestly, it's worse than browsing myspace back in elementary school, except Gawker's usually aren't sparkly. Whoever makes all of these has to be suicidal by now, if s/he hasn't already been cut down from the rafters and replaced by another person to keep the 200 gif/day rate going. Dial it down just a little, please, or in a few months it'll be nothing but one-line blurbs + url with a stack of gifs below it. I've been a loyal lurker for many years, new poster, and this is the first time I've considered not visiting gawker sites, not even kinja turned me off like this has.